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INDEPENDENT ARTIST SERVICES was created for motivated, business minded artists from all genres who are committed to taking their career to the next level, IAS offers a wide variety of services for musicians and artists of all genres as well as managers and agents.



With a multitude of services that we provide on a pay as you go, only what you need “management a la carte” basis, we help you gain more clarity on where you are now, what’s next for you, what’s standing in your way and what you can do to achieve better results. Our mission is to provide you with expert advice drawn from our many years of working in a multitude of arenas within the music industry. We have all the tools you need to succeed, including consulting, custom business plans, CD artwork, EPKs/Bios, press kits, websites, rider/contract packages and administration services.  We believe that a little investment in your business now can help you reach your goals faster.


The formation of IAS marks a full multi-genre evolution from our origins as Beyond One Entertainment, whose goal since 2006 has been to help independent jazz artists manage their careers as a business. In the constantly changing industry, the indie/DIY aesthetic is becoming more and more prevalent and artists have all the tools they need to take charge of their careers. Because of the shifting economics in the jazz genre, it became the first genre to embrace independent artists by allowing for the use of independent radio promoters in a landscape where most commercial radio promoters refused to take on artists that were not backed by major labels.


We took all management duties and broke them down into “pay as you go” services. Our business model from the start was based on having our artists do what they could afford at the time and get the advice they needed to do things right and overcome the obstacles most independents face. The success of independent artists free from major label red tape and interference cannot be overstated. It has led to Grammy Awards, hundreds of millions of streams and incredible sales figures for artists such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and more recently, Best New Artist Chance the Rapper.


We started Beyond One Entertainment and now IAS, with one goal: to treat every artist and client fairly and professionally while offering affordable, top of the line services.


Founder & President Kim Giles

IAS Founder and President Kim Giles began her career in the industry in 2000 with a part time job at WSJT 94.1 in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL and quickly worked her way up to Promotions Manager while earning an Associate’s degree in marketing and business from St. Petersburg College. Prior to graduating, she was hired by Cumulus Radio in Melbourne as a Promotions and Marketing Director for radio stations in four genres: Top 40, country, smooth jazz and an oldies AM outlet. She later moved to Ft. Myers and secured a position at 105.5 The Beat and WZJZ Smooth Jazz, where she remained until Clear Channel Radio let go of most of the jazz staff before closing the station down.


During her years in radio, Kim developed a keen expertise for producing shows and festivals and cultivated a great passion for creating memorable live experiences with many of contemporary jazz’s top artists. She put together band competitions and a massive two day show in Clearwater, along with many regional jazz series. During this time, she worked with a multitude of talented independent artists and opened her eyes to the reality of the specific tools they needed to get ahead in their careers.


Motivated by these interactions and her desire to help these artists achieve their goals, she and her assistants formulated a business plan dedicated to making a difference for independent and emerging artists. She launched Beyond One Entertainment in 2006 as a consulting and management firm and became tour manager for renowned saxophone artist Walter Beasley, whom she had met at the first concert she put on. In 2007, she began working with Jazz on the Green’s Entertainment Committee, and soon after was hired to work on Global Jazz Fest in Costa Rica. Over the past ten years, she has helped guide the careers of, and deliver a no nonsense, nuts and bolts strategic approach to, hundreds of artists from across the United States. 


“While working in radio,” Kim says, “I had the opportunity to meet a lot of artists and produce numerous concerts. I began to understand what the industry needed from artists in order to pay them any real attention. I noticed how the industry talked about the artists and their music submissions and began to realize that many artists have great music but many are not aware of how the industry works and how to submit properly in order to get past the gatekeepers. I listened to the people that received the music and their reaction when an artist got it wrong. It was eye opening to realize how many artists were providing poorly done press kits, incomplete information and incorrect packaging, and who were using too many tricks to get attention. Many of them tried entering into the game without preparing organized and readable contracts and riders. They would call too much or not at all, and failed to hire top producers to create the best music possible that would allow them to compete against top genre artists. 


“So many of them had amazing talent, but simply didn’t understand the importance of having a bona fide, thought out plan to launch their music,” she adds. “With Beyond One and now IAS, we as your management team are dedicated to closing this knowledge gap, working with artists to help them determine their long term and short term goals, and develop strategies on how to achieve them. We keep artists on track while clearing all the obstacles and managing the business side of their careers so they can focus on making their art the best that it can be.”

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