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Nils - Recording Artist/Producer

"I have been working with Kim on many of the artists that I have been producing as well as for my own career. Kim is a one stop solution for independent artists. What she brings to the table is her vast experience and deep knowledge of all the areas involved in taking an independent artist to the next level. I admire her work ethics and attention to detail. I think any aspiring artist, across all genres, would be well advised to consult with her, in order to put together the best presentation of their art. This is absolutely essential, if you want to get to the next level in this competitive business." ~Nils


Andy Pow - Digital Wave Recording

“Kim Giles is an excellent resource for independent artists who wish to rise above the crowd and stand out in a brutally competitive industry. If you are an artist that is looking for a way to rise above "average" and be noticed I recommend checking her services out! She has been a secret weapon for many artists I've worked with over the years.” ~Andy Pow, Digital Wave Recording


Craig Chaquico - Guitarist/Jazz/NewAge/Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Starship
"I’ve worked with Kim for several years and her attention to detail and positive outlook are what sets her company apart from other management and promotion companies....the way she coordinates and follows up on all the projects I've done with her is a true exception to the rule in this business ...she does what she says she will do and she makes sure everybody else in her camp does too, and everything is handled in an efficient and professional way ...when I'm on tour every second is valuable and accounted for, so whenever I work with Kim I know everything will get done in time on her end and w/out a lot of extra hassle on my end.” ~Craig Chaquico


Tim Riddle - Guitarist/Composer

"I can't say enough about Kim Giles and the services that she provides. Kim helped me understand that in today's world it is essential to treat your music career as a business. Until I met her I had no idea how inept some of my business strategies were. In today's music industry the strength of your music alone is not enough to propel you to stardom. With Kim I was able to create a business strategy that conformed to my budget, establish a professional and functional website, create an amazing EPK and much more. If you work with Kim, you will gain a person on your team with insight and connections to today's music industry. Kim will assess your needs and point you in the right direction. Whether you are able to do the work yourself or use one of her many connections she will be there to help guide through the process. Working with Kim has been a great experience and I can honestly say that my music career is better for working with her. I wish I met her 20 years ago. No doubt my career would be even further along." ~Tim Riddle


Chieli Minucci - Guitarist/Special EFX
"I've known Kim Giles for years now, her dedication to the musicians and live shows makes her the BEST at her work!" ~Chieli Minucci

Michael Lington - Saxophonist
"I really enjoy working with Kim; she is very professional and pays attention to detail. The events that she is involved in always become very successful. Looking forward to next time!" ~Michael Lington

Nick Colionne - Guitarist
"Kim Giles is one cool lady who really loves music. I'm happy to say she's in my corner and digs my music. I wish her nothing but success - with her drive and great ear for talent she'll be energizing the music scene for a long time to come." Congratulations, Kim - you're the best! Peace ~Nick Colionne


Chuck Moorer – Musician/Author/Pastor

Kim Giles and her team are industry savvy, well positioned and know exactly what is needed to provide today's artists with the best possible approach to a professional presentation at every level with affordable prices. Really appreciate your work!!! ~ Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few

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