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Do you have a plan to launch your music career?

Have you considered what not having a solid strategy to reach your goals is costing you? Time, money, missed opportunities? Don't be like thousands of musicians who fail to plan!


Your "Do-It-Yourself" Resource!

IAS offers expert advice and prepares you with the right tools to help you succeed. Get prepared for a professional career and learn what the industry needs from you in order to take you seriously!


Are you ready to learn some new steps and achieve better results? 

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, it’s time to try another approach! Get expert advice with a private, personalized consulting session. Solid advice from industry experts with over 15 years of experience! All consultations include written materials for you to keep! 

Questions We Answer


What should I do first?

How do I get a manager or booking agent?

How do I get my music on radio?

What content belongs on my website?

How do I increase my social media following?

How do I make more money?

When should I sign with a label?

How do I get the industry to take me seriously?

Why can't I get more and better quality bookings?

How do I get the media to pay attention to me?

What is a rider?

Why do I need a publishing company?

How can I make sure I get paid at my gigs?

What is an EPK or Press Kit?

How do I pay for production?

What info needs to be on the CD Artwork?

And more....

We Can Answer Your Questions And Put Together A Custom Plan For You!


Choose from a full 3 hour consult or 3 mini consults to cover topics like:



Marketing & Branding

Releasing a Project for Radio

All Consultations Come With Written Materials For You To Keep! 

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